Thank you for your answer David, I will follow your hint!

Best regards,
Miklos Marton
2018-01-30 22:54 keltezéssel, David Hendricks írta:

Hi Miklos,

Yes, coreboot's gerrit system is likely where the review will take place. The github repository is a mirror of coreboot's flashrom repository, however we recognize that a lot of people do development on github so we work with pull requests as well. We also still have patch submissions via e-mail.

You may receive comments to your pull request on github, however if the patch is small enough (like PR33) then it might just be sent directly to for final review before being merged and ultimately mirrored in the github repo.

As usual the bottleneck is the amount of spare time reviewers have and we've been juggling some large changes lately. We do appreciate the contributions, and please feel free to nudge us if there is urgency or if things simply linger for too long.

From: flashrom <> on behalf of Miklos Marton <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2018 12:47:44 PM
To: flashrom
Subject: [flashrom] Github PRs
Hello flashrom developers!

I have submitted two PRs to github (as the wiki mentions it is also a
possible contribution channel).

Do I need to do anything else with that? I am not intended to seems to
be impatient I just would like to make sure that everything is in place
(this is my first contribution to flashrom this way).

If I remember correctly the coreboot gerrit was used to do code review.
Is it going to be moved there or we will perform the code review at the

Best regards,
Miklos Marton

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