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This should be done before adding the EDI driver.

AFAIR, Paul had something more flexible in mind: Instead of the
`hidden` flag a grouping of the chips. Basically the same what you
did but instead of 0/1 values a default of JEDEC and alternatively
EDI and whatever might come in the future. How about that?

I agree that grouping is a better idea. To be honest I'm not familiar with flashrom codebase, and at this moment it was a much simpler solution to just add this ".hidden" flag, partially because I didn't understand what would be the proper good way of introducing the groups... Are there any other problematic chips supported by flashrom like KB9012, probing for which could cause problems for other chips? If not, maybe it's still possible to use that ".hidden" flag as the quick initial solution (just to avoid KB9012 probing when its not needed) and upgrade it to the groups later, when other "hidden chips" arrive?

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