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lspcon_i2c_spi: Release I2C fd on failed init

Change-Id: Idec3cd349ab8d6e2ebb0fafae70c5d69bb2c8880
Signed-off-by: Angel Pons <>
M lspcon_i2c_spi.c
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

git pull ssh:// refs/changes/29/52829/1
diff --git a/lspcon_i2c_spi.c b/lspcon_i2c_spi.c
index b79e7f7..e2c4a3c 100644
--- a/lspcon_i2c_spi.c
+++ b/lspcon_i2c_spi.c
@@ -502,12 +502,14 @@
int ret = lspcon_i2c_spi_reset_mpu_stop(fd);
if (ret) {
msg_perr("%s: call to reset_mpu_stop failed.\n", __func__);
+ i2c_close(fd);
return ret;

struct lspcon_i2c_spi_data *data = calloc(1, sizeof(struct lspcon_i2c_spi_data));
if (!data) {
msg_perr("Unable to allocate space for extra SPI master data.\n");
+ i2c_close(fd);

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