Patch Set 2:

This might make it more confusing for the moment, my goal would
be to have something like

    flashrom -p internal --ifd -i bios:cbfs.bin --mode write #1

for individual regions, and

    flashrom -p internal -i all:some.rom --mode write #2

for the whole flash, where

    flashrom -p internal -w some.rom #3

would be a shorthand for #2.

In any case, this is a step in the right direction by making full-sized filename optional. I'll be completely onboard if `flashrom -p internal --ifd -i bios:cbfs.bin -w` can be shorthand for #1 and `flashrom -p internal -i all:some.rom -w` can be shorthand for #2.

Otherwise, we should should deprecate -w/-r/-E/-v to be consistent for the various use cases.

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