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ichspi.c: Take chromiums flash desc sec override msg

Line wrapped and a little more descriptive.

Change-Id: I1043bed042f5507788ed2b417bd44d0fe3dc0aa6
Signed-off-by: Edward O'Callaghan <quasisec@google.com>
M ichspi.c
1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

git pull ssh://review.coreboot.org:29418/flashrom refs/changes/95/43895/1
diff --git a/ichspi.c b/ichspi.c
index 1cc1cd7..d9f13ef 100644
--- a/ichspi.c
+++ b/ichspi.c
@@ -1849,9 +1849,11 @@
if (tmp2 & HSFS_FDV)
desc_valid = 1;
if (!(tmp2 & HSFS_FDOPSS) && desc_valid)
- msg_pinfo("The Flash Descriptor Override Strap-Pin is set. Restrictions implied by\n"
- "the Master Section of the flash descriptor are NOT in effect. Please note\n"
- "that Protected Range (PR) restrictions still apply.\n");
+ msg_pinfo("The Flash Descriptor Security Override "
+ "Strap-Pin is set. Restrictions implied\n"
+ "by the FRAP and FREG registers are NOT in "
+ "effect. Please note that Protected\n"
+ "Range (PR) restrictions still apply.\n");

if (desc_valid) {

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