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Patch set 8:Code-Review +2

The RPCI fix is pushed here :
Now all we need is for this patch to set the 'pacc' variable and
restore it at the end of the function.

Um, I don't see why I have to wait for a seven years old bug to get
fixed before I add another chipset... also, if we fix it here and
in your patch, we'll lose the explicit information that the changes
are related (e.g. if anyone will ever fix the rpci interface he'll
more likely miss to remove the workaround here).

Humm... you're right, the rpci bug is unrelated to skylake, I just see it only with skylake because that's the one that I build manually, I also associated it with this patch until I figured out the bug was from rpci.
The patch looks good so I +2. I've half reviewed the ichspi one, but I'm not done yet.

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