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flashrom.c: do not delete programmer arguments

Make extract_param() leave parameters in tact rather than deleting
them as they are retrieved. Deleting them is undesierable as makes
the function more complex and requires that extract_programmer_param()
does not get called for the same parameter multiple times, which can
be difficult to gaurentee for some programmer initialization cases.

Change-Id: I9b1ec2d273c723fef8908e4ddf13b3079924f0a7
Signed-off-by: Nikolai Artemiev <>
M flashrom.c
1 file changed, 0 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

git pull ssh:// refs/changes/62/44562/1
diff --git a/flashrom.c b/flashrom.c
index 4a30986..f3f0b46 100644
--- a/flashrom.c
+++ b/flashrom.c
@@ -750,11 +750,6 @@
strncpy(opt, opt_pos, optlen);
opt[optlen] = '\0';
- rest = opt_pos + optlen;
- /* Skip all delimiters after the current parameter. */
- rest += strspn(rest, delim);
- memmove(param_pos, rest, strlen(rest) + 1);
- /* We could shrink haystack, but the effort is not worth it. */

return opt;

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