Hi Jonathan,
I'll have a look, but I cannot help on the IIO stuff, as we still don't have access to Intel's confidential documents.

Kind Regards,
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Am Fr., 24. Apr. 2020 um 05:36 Uhr schrieb Jonathan Zhang (Infra) via coreboot <coreboot@coreboot.org>:
Hi Patrick,

Your help and dedication is much appreciated!

As we (FB and its partners) successfully finished bring-up of coreboot on CooperLake-SP based
1 socket platform, we are shifting our focus to exclusively on Cooperlake-SP based platfroms, away
from using Skylake-SP based TiogaPass as the feature development vehicle.

This timing works well with the planned coreboot release.  We have a number of SKX-SP
platform related changes in the pipeline, we will try our best to work with the community to get them
merged, then we will run a test pass, and we could report the status to the community (such as
document what works and what further works are needed in Documentation/mainboard).

Many features (in particular smbios and BMC interaction) have been added to TiogaPass OCP
platform, also TiogaPass can be bought off-the-shelf from Wiwynn. If we are lucky enough to have
an IBV taking care of SKX-SP FSP maintenance, the industry at large will have an end to end open source
firmware solution for SKX-SP based platform. Such solution is not 100% open source due to FSP, ME, etc,
but it is a huge step forward.

The patch sets we would like to merge in for the planned releases are:
a. https://review.coreboot.org/c/coreboot/+/40500 .
b. https://review.coreboot.org/q/author:wiwynn.com+status:open
c. https://review.coreboot.org/c/coreboot/+/40481

Thank you,

On 4/22/20, 11:09 AM, "Patrick Georgi via coreboot" <coreboot@coreboot.org> wrote:

    Hi everybody,

    it's that time of year again: we should look into cutting a
    release. Not because there's anything noteworthy that we should bring
    out (although there certainly is), but because we have a 6-monthly
    cadence of giving our tree a new number and pushing out tarballs and
    press releases.

    I plan to do the release on or shortly after May 11, and
    this announcement is in accordance to the process detailed on
    https://doc.coreboot.org/releases/checklist.html, so we're at the
    "~2 weeks prior to release" point right now.

    As such, there are a number of things I ask of you (all of you
    subscribed to the list, but since you're reading this mail, yes,
    I mean you, personally!):

    1. If you have anything big that you want to get in before the release,
    it's on you to maintain the changes responsibly and responsively so
    that it all works out in time. I'll gladly help coordinate things
    but I'm not interested in last-minute heroics, so get in touch with
    me ASAP.

    2. Please try to postpone riskier refactorings and the like until after
    the release (unless they're ready to land in the next few days), so
    that people have a solid foundation to test their hardware on. Which
    gets us to the next point:

    3. Please test your coreboot-supported gear if you can, report and/or
    fix issues, and upload fresh reports to the board-status repo. While
    we have no quality requirement for releases - they're _really_ only
    about giving the tree a new number, a release is a good opportunity
    to verify that what we have in the tree is still functional, with
    only limited work required to pin-point new issues (bisections since
    4.11 should take 12 steps or less at this time).

    4. Please check the preliminary release notes in
    Documentation/releases/coreboot-4.12-relnotes.md and add whatever
    happened since 4.11 that you think is noteworthy. If in doubt, push
    a change to gerrit and see what your fellow developers think about it.

    Patrick Georgi
    Google Germany GmbH, ABC-Str. 19, 20354 Hamburg
    Registergericht und -nummer: Hamburg, HRB 86891, Sitz der Gesellschaft: Hamburg
    Geschäftsführer: Paul Manicle, Halimah DeLaine Prado

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