While the possibility of AMD AGESA boards 'removal' is being discussed, I would like to tell you about Lenovo G505S - which has Compal LA-A091P AMD Family 15h RL AGESA board.

* Did you know that Lenovo G505S is still widely available at some parts of the world? (e.g. in Russia, 50+ online shops are still selling it)
* Did you know that Francis Rowe, head Libreboot developer, has proposed the addition of G505S to Coreboot LTS Candidates list of laptops?
* Did you know that Compal will still be making LA-A091P laptop motherboard, the primary component of G505S, at least until the end of 2018 year?
(although these would be meant for Lenovo technical repair workshops, any person will be able to buy them by request even at 1pcs quantities)

It is unbelievable that some people here want to take alive-and-kicking motherboard and 'remove it': either 'remove' a support for it completely, or degrade it into a 'second class citizen' - by branching it off to some abandoned branch that nobody would care about. Don't know which is worse...

>>> Someone wrote:
> I'm looking forward to seeing the draft of the removal plans. Maybe removal is even better than branching

If Someone doesn't care about those boards which he doesn't own own, if Someone has no idea how to set up makefiles so that they will not make builds for boards that he doesn't care about, if Someone can't wait a few more extra minutes of compilation because he is in a 'great hurry':

then he should start his 'Removal Quest' from old boards like Intel I945 and AMD K8 - if nobody runs coreboot on them anymore.
Or from his own board, if his own board is EOL and old...

PLEASE do NOT submit proposals that will negatively affect a support for alive boards, because such malevolent plans are a great insult to the bright spirit of coreboot project !

Best regards,
Vladimir Shipovalov