Hi all,

I've been able to implement the 'AGESA_HOOKBEFORE_DRAM_INIT' to try to see what AGESA blob is doing and it's call 10 time before

resetting the board. Any with AGESA experience could confirm this is a normal behavior?

Anybody knows if there are any board using the IDS (Integrated Debug Services) of the AGESA? I would like to activate it to try to get more info

about what's going on...



De: Jorge Fernandez Monteagudo <jorgefm@cirsa.com>
Enviado: martes, 25 de junio de 2019 8:42:57
Para: coreboot@coreboot.org
Asunto: [coreboot] Debugging AGESA black box

Hi all,

I'm trying to use coreboot on a custom board based on the stoneyridge AMD SOC. I'm

reusing the mainboard/amd/gardenia code. We have serial console and I've been able

to trace down to 'AmdInitPost(PostParams);' called from 'src/soc/amd/common/block/pi/agesawrapper.c'

to the responsible to make the board reset. Maybe we have some hardware problem related

to the DIMM area.

Then, there is some way to get some callback, trace, etc from the AGESA blackbox code? Any

chance to use the Integrated Debug Services (IDS)? Any recommendation to solve this?