There was some recent cleanup on console.h includes that makes printk only visible where we thought it was needed.
A change to add an include for console/console.h to resolve the issue here. Cc'ing Elyes since that's his effort.

As you correctly noticed, x86emu isn't build-tested by default: If you want, you could contribute a patch to add your config to configs/, which makes it build tested by default to avoid future regressions in the x86emu code.


Am Do., 25. Apr. 2019 um 09:50 Uhr schrieb Martin Kepplinger <>:

Before I dig in without knowing the code: x86emu currently (
0987e43aa05bfbafbfdd4952638b79a5084369f8 )
doesn't build:

In file included from src/device/oprom/x86emu/x86emui.h:65,
                  from src/device/oprom/x86emu/debug.c:40:
src/device/oprom/x86emu/debug.c: In function 'x86emu_dump_regs':
src/device/oprom/x86emu/debug.h:46:22: error: implicit declaration of
function 'printk'; did you mean 'printf'?
  #define printf(x...) printk(BIOS_DEBUG, x)
src/device/oprom/x86emu/debug.c:366:5: note: in expansion of macro
      printf("\tAX=%04x  ", M.x86.R_AX );

I append the config. Also, there's noone in MAINTAINER for it, and
appearently it's not build-tested :(


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