Hello Im Artem from Khadas https://www.khadas.com/
We developing  new product
our hardware based on: Alder Lake ULT 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1280P

We have plans to use coreboot as alternative bootloader for our new product

We need some information about:
1) coreboot possibilities for current hardware
2) estimated time to create some initial workable prototype
3) what information we need provide for your side

at this moment we use BIOS from AMI:
Vendor: Amerian Megatrends
Core Verion: 5.27
Compiancy: UEFI 2.8; PI 1.7

About us
We are Shenzhen Wesion Technology Co., Ltd is the company that owns the brand "Khadas", our company was founded on 5 November 2014. We focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing single board computers (SBCs) ... more info https://www.khadas.com/about

Best regards Artem