Hi everybody,

with this mail I'm officially starting the 4.10 release process.
As per the first step of our checklist (Documentation/releases/checklist.md), I hereby announce the intent to release coreboot 4.10 in about 2 weeks. I'm aiming for May 28th to avoid releasing into the weekend or on Memorial Day in the US, but I'll likely lock down the commit we'll designate 4.10 during those days to give some room for testing.

I created a copy of the checklist on https://piratenpad.de/p/coreboot4.10-release-checklist, also including the current state of the 4.10 release notes.

Please test the boards you have around and provide fixes, please be careful with intrusive changes (and maybe postpone them until after the release) and please update the release notes (Documentation/releases/coreboot-4.10-relnotes.md or near the bottom of the etherpad doc, I'll carry them over into our git repo then).

As promised with the 4.9 release there won't be deprecations after 4.10. However we need to finalize our set of deprecations we want to announce with 4.10 that will happen after the 4.11 release (those also belong in the release notes).

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