Doing a quick google this comes up, where it seems someone else looked at this CPU before:

It seems there's no support for this CPU/chipset in coreboot, ao at the very least you'd have to update and adapt some very old pineview code to support cedarview, assuming it's possible. No idea whether an FSP would be required, but I'd guess not considering the age of the chipset? (not to mention, if no FSP is available then you can't use it whether any other method is possible or not)

Even assuming you could somehow scrape together CPU and chipset support, you'd then need to go through the arduous process of porting to the motherboard itself, adapting coreboot to match it's wiring.

As for U-Boot vs Coreboot, Coreboot+payload is primarily targeted at x86 at the moment (sorry Ron!) whereas I've seen U-Boot more commonly on ARM/MIPS/PowerPC embedded systems. My understanding is that both do much the same job however, though in different ways with different features.

    -Matthew Bradley

On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 8:43 AM Alif Ilhan <zakirhosain71@gmail.com> wrote:
Pardon me for absurd questions, I am a noob. Is there any way to port coreboot to my netbook without Intel FSP. Or is there any way I could generate Intel FSP for my netbook? My netbook has Intel Atom N2600 CPU which doesn't seem to have any Intel FSP available. Please, if there is any guide to port coreboot to a new device WITHOUT Intel FSP, tell me about it. And can you tell me the difference between Coreboot and U-Boot and how each one is different from the other?

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