I am a new user of Coreboot who recently purchased a Protectli firewall with Coreboot pre-installed. The firewall is running PfSense that I installed on it. Everything was going ok for a few days until I started having issues with PfSense and now I am having problems getting PfSense to launch at all. I believe this is related to a hardware issue with the firewall. During the coreboot launch I am getting an infinite loop which is triggered at the following line:

cpu reset proxy stopped cpu 1

Sounds like an issue with the hardware to me. I believe I saw this same issue referencing cpu 2 as well. I have tried over a period of several weeks to boot up and I always get this message and then a loop back to the the coreboot initialization. At this point I cannot tell if this is a coreboot, pfsense, or hardware issue, and I am getting ready to just buy another firewall with pfsense already installed and I am hoping someone has the time to give me a brief idea of what might be going on here. I am fairly PC savy but am having difficulty drilling down to what might be driving this specific issue on the web. I do like your product and plan to purchase a PC with coreboot in the near future.

Thanks a lot for your time.

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