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Subject: Re: [coreboot] Coreboot on X230 and Dualboot / How to make it work
Local Time: September 23, 2017 10:59 PM
From: matt.devillier@gmail.com

coreboot + Tianocore/CorebootPayloadPkg works perfectly well to run Windows on everything from SandyBridge to Skylake

I'll stick to coreboot + SeaBios as I can boot linux/windows which perfectly fine and the installation seems to be easier and I can't see any reason why switching from (Sea)BIOS to UEFI.

One additional general question regarding the flashing on X230s.
Most howtos include that it is sufficient to flash only the upper 4MB BIOS Chip and leave the 2nd 8 MB BIOS Chip untouched.
After creating my 12 MB Coreboot.rom I split it and use only 4MB for flashing.
See also the Coreboot Wiki at https://www.coreboot.org/Board:lenovo/x230#Hardware_Flashring
"(...) Write the flash. Since you have to write only top 4M, first split out those 4M:
dd of=top.rom bs=1M if=build/coreboot.rom skip=8
Use flashrom to flash top.rom (...)"

As far as I understand the 2nd Chip include the Intel Mangement Engine (ME), shouldn't this chip also touched and (at least party) ME'cleaned?
Or is the 2nd BIOS not used at all after flashing Coreboot to the top 4MB chip?