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During weeks 7, 8 and 9 I worked on:


Main purpose of End user flash tool project is to provide an easy way to flash coreboot ROM. To achieve that there is a need to collect hardware specific data such as:


Sometimes when flashrom probes for all known chips there are multiple chips found. I needed to implement a function which will return all such chips to GUI. Now in this case it is possible to just select which chip is correct by clicking a proper one in dialog box.



I decided to change a bit visual design of the app. There is a new (but most important for the project)  tab – ‘Auto’. In this tab it is possible to gather hardware specific data, which will be then used in a process of automatic building of coreboot image and flashing. I also decided to move programmer selection combobox from ‘Flash tab’ to main application window and  add edit text field for parameters.


GSoC end comes very soon, application is almost done, so this is time for some testing! I would be very grateful if some of you could help me with it. It would be the best if you have Lenovo T60. First there is a need to collect some hardware specific data and then it would be possible to check if application creates working coreboot image basing on this data. So it is not only about testing, but also about making white list of hardware configurations bigger to let more users flash their hardware with coreboot in easy way!

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Thanks in advance!