Ticket Owner Status Description
#183 stepan@coresystems.de new SeaBIOS: test-gcc.sh executed multiple times, also during make clean
#182 uwe@hermann-uwe.de new superiotool installs man page with +x perms
#181 stepan@coresystems.de new Tyan S2885 (and other K8 boards) won't boot with TINY_BOOTBLOCK
#180 stepan@coresystems.de new ASRock E350M1 Gigabit Ethernet Problem
#178 stepan@coresystems.de new linux kernel hang while boot from SATA SSD on EPIA CN
#176 stepan@coresystems.de new inteltool: added PCI_DEVICE_ID_INTEL_X44 0x29e0
#174 stepan@coresystems.de new Unable to boot from qemu-kvm -- seems to be a cbfs problem
#168 stepan@coresystems.de new USBDEBUG might slow down coreboot
#162 oxygene new Move SYSTEM_TYPE to Kconfig
#160 oxygene new Build system: There's no convincing CFLAGS management for util/*
#158 ward@gnu.org new buildrom svn error
#156 hailfinger new Add Layout File capability to v3 and LAR tool
#154 hailfinger new Flashing BIOSes from Fujitsu/Siemens is not supported
#150 somebody new AMD DB800 dev board PLL strapping leaves CPU and GLIU in non-optimal clock
#147 somebody new Linux kernel halts when scanning the PCI bus below 0:14.4 on RS690
#145 somebody new Fix CMOS handling
#143 oxygene new unify intel car for model_6[ef]x
#135 ward new Flashrom deletes MAC addresses on Tyan Tomcat n3400B (S2925-E)
#129 stepan new etherboot payload does not work with HIGH_TABLES
#128 somebody new Improve email user interface for trac
#125 somebody new BCM5785 / HT1000 reset functions
#111 somebody new Add i18n support for translating strings e.g. for bayou / coreinfo
#110 somebody new Allow for per-device subsystem IDs
#77 somebody new hang on the "Jumping to coreboot" step on via epia-m with 4-chip 128Mbyte DDR module
#76 rminnich new coreboot messages should be accessible in dmesg
#18 oxygene new autoprobe apic cluster and application processors on K8 systems
#17 stepan new clean up coreboot table handling
#16 ollie new I2C driver and mainboard Config.lb
#11 yhlu new pirq table automation
#5 uwe new Add license header to all source files
#2 somebody new Complete tables of supported motherboards