Hello one and all.
I have been compiling the Coreboot Package on X64 architectures from the EDK2 Source Code and it has been ending up with errors.Since the IA32 architecture seems successful, getting to the X64 Platform just messes it up. Well I need debugging help so as to have a successful build. 

Commands Executed:

 root@XXX:/usr/local/src/edk-coreboot-pkg/# build -a X64 -p coreboot/coreboot.dsc -t GCC46 -D CSM_ENABLE=TRUE

Errors faced:
GenFw: ERROR 3000: Invalid
  Unsupported section alignment.
make: *** [/usr/local/src/edk2-coreboot-pkg/Build/corebootX64/DEBUG_GCC46/X64/corebootPkg/Sec/SecMain/DEBUG/SecMain.efi] Error 2

 : error 7000: Failed to execute command
make tbuild [/usr/local/src/edk2-coreboot-pkg/Build/corebootX64/DEBUG_GCC46/X64/corebootPkg/Sec/SecMain]

 : error F002: Failed to build module
/usr/local/src/edk2-coreboot-pkg/corebootPkg/Sec/SecMain.inf [X64, GCC46, DEBUG]

- Failed -

Any help would be greatly appreciated and honoured............