Hi Experts,

I am trying to boot BayleyBay CRB Rev 3 using coreboot and have no success so far. I have serial port (DB9) connected and using 115200 Baud Rate. No message comes on serial at all. Here is the procedure I followed.

1. Pulled latest coreboot from git.
2. Pulled following from BAY_TRAIL_FSP_KIT. The reason for doing it is that  BAYTRAIL_FSP.fd is not in git and .config refers to it. Also .config refers to ../intel/cpu/baytrail/microcode
    a) created intel directory parallel to coreboot and copied BAYTRAIL_FSP_GOLD_002_10-JANUARY-2014.fd in to intel/fsp/baytrail/BAYTRAIL_FSP.fd
    b) Copied *.h from Microcode folder in the kit to intel/cpu/baytrail/microcode.
3. Configured the coreboot for mainboard as intel bayleybay. My .config is attached.
4. Build Coreboot. Below is the prints from cbfstool.
cmos_layout.bin                0x0        cmos_layout  1132
fallback/romstage              0x4c0      stage        27813
fallback/ramstage              0x71c0     stage        67431
fallback/payload               0x17980    payload      268859
config                         0x59400    raw          4363
(empty)                        0x5a540    null         744088
cpu_microcode_blob.bin         0x110000   microcode    104448
(empty)                        0x129840   null         157528
mrc.cache                      0x14ffc0   (unknown)    65536
(empty)                        0x160000   null         393112
fsp.bin                        0x1bffc0   (unknown)    229376
(empty)                        0x1f8000   null         31640
5. Flashed the coreboot.rom in upper 2MB (0X0600000-0x07FFFFF)
6. Reboot the board
7. Nothing comes on Serial Console (DB9). Also tried to connect Micro usb cable which detects two serial ports but no output to any of them as well.
8. Before flashing coreboot.rom, 4 digit display was displaying something on two digits and rest two were zero. Now all 4 digits stays at zeros.

Looking for help to get at least serial working so that I can get some logs to debug it. I do not have copy of original BIOS that was there in Flash and forgot to make a copy using programmer though I ensured that I only touch upper 2MB. I am stuck and have no logs to debug it.

Thanks in advance.