Seems like there's little information publicly available about the AM1 platform. As you can see here [1] there's plenty of information available for the Bolton FCH which is used in newer APUs, while the Hudson FCH is basically undocumented.

The BKDG for the Kabini platform [2] mentions two registers ("D0F0x98_x26 ORB IOMMU Control 0" and "D0F0x98_x27 ORB IOMMU Control 1") which suggests the platform has an IOMMU.

A reddit thread [3] quotes a customer service response from AMD which confirms the platform has an IOMMU but the ability to use it depends on the mainboard being used:

"Yes the processor AMD AM1 5350 supports PCI Pass through via AMD-Vi/IOMMU. However, we request you to contact the motherboard manufacturer and check if the Motherboard and Chipset support IOMMU."

Maybe the best way to see this is to try virtualizing some hardware?



On 14 February 2018 at 00:20, <> wrote:
Has anyone figured out if the AM1 platform has IOMMU? the OEM bios on the AM1ML has an option for it but it doesn't work.

The lack of that is really disappointing.

I am also unable to locate the spec sheets for the AM1 platform that would confirm this.

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