What you're seeing is the result of depthcharge's draw_fallback() function being called, which prints a coloured box at the top of the screen when a vboot UI function or a coreboot CBGFX function returns failure.  The red one corresponds to the OS_BROKEN screen, so your next step might be to find the recovery reason to figure out why the machine failed to boot.

On Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 4:39 AM r@k-ze.ro <r@k-ze.ro> wrote:
Hey guys,

i'm stumped and getting not much ideas on #coreboot on this.

I bought an ssd-bricked samsung kevin and want to compile coreboot for
it to make it boot arch from sd without crossystem flags set.

My image compiles fine with the following hacks: use latest vboot, pin
chromeec to commit before kevin support was dropped. I got an ec.bin to
put into coreboot and enabled ELOG because i miss UART.

The image boots after 2-3 reboots with a red stripe (this happens even
without included ec.bin): https://i.imgur.com/qXA4hvI.jpg

I take from it that basic init works. ELOG paste in hex is here:
https://bpa.st/MYPQ - i cannot make any sense out of it.

My menuconfig options should be kinda fine, i used boardname kevin where
applicable and copied config.gru to config.kevin for libpayload.

kevin has a soldered on servo header, but i will not be able to get my
hands on a servo board from google, so i might try basic UART (no idea
what this means honestly).

I like ARM architecture and would like to open similiar designs to

Any ideas are appreciated!


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