Hi All,

Need some guidance. Please read.
I am porting coreboot for a "Broadwell D 1519" based motherboard which has both Memory Down as well as 2 DIMM slots. Hence, I built an image for Facebook Watson since its the closest mainboard with no code changes. The call from FSP_FSP_INIT never returns to the ChipsetFspReturnPoint( ).  Probably something crashed inside the FSP or something else.

This is possibly happening because I have passed no information regarding the RAM chips (down or DIMM) from romstage_fsp_rt_buffer_callback(). I have following 2 questions :
  1. How can I see the default values for FSP UDP structure, so that I get to know what I need to modify? BCT tool does not dump that info.
  2. In intel/soc/fsp_broadwell/ , the save_dimm_info() is done after FSP_FSP_INIT returns. Shouldn't the SPD details have been fetched before and passed to the FSP_FSP_INIT, as it is this API that handles the memory init.