Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

On Sat, Dec 29, 2018 at 9:47 AM Jeremy Jackson <> wrote:

On 2018-12-29 10:39 a.m., Kumonie Williams wrote:


Though, I do have a question I was hoping you'd be able to answer:
The Dell OptiPlex 7010 has a service mode jumper, and, from my
two ROM chips for two firmware images, the primary one used when the
service mode jumper is not set,
and the secondary one used when the service mode jumper has been set,
with an immutable firmware image.
My question is, given I only have one PC at the moment, my OptiPlex
7010, if I, say, flash a coreboot image that won't boot,
would it be possible for me to simply set the service mode jumper from
that point to safely use the second ROM chip?
If so, it would make testing much easier.

FYI, I have a 7010 that I bricked doing a Dell firmware update. The
jumper didn't help me recover (yet?).  I have one other that updated

I did notice that Linux failed to set a hi-res text mode properly, there
was a kernel error message, and Linux thought there were more lines than
actually got displayed... you could work on a "hidden" part of the
screen below the monitor!  That was the motivation for the firmware
upgrade.  If anyone has a fix for either issue, let me know.


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