On 8/17/10 10:05 PM, Masoud Fatollahy wrote:
I am trying to make coreboot v4 works with a old version of filo(stand alone).
I build the coreboot and definde a paload which has been build with an old filo which is not using payloadlib of the coreboot. 
when filo try to read the linuxbios table , but it can not find the signaturr LBIO. and it hangs.
 Do i have to use filo and payloadlib of the coreboot, or is it a way to fix this problem. we don't want to have any depency between coreboot and filo.
Hi Masoud,

The coreboot table parser in older FILOs does not support the "FORWARD" tag


I'd suggest that you use newer versions of FILO. However, implementing support for that tag in older versions should be rather straight forward, so you can give that a try, too..