Several Cisco Meraki products (MX84, MX250) are using the coreboot bootloader. Meraki are also distributing coreboot builds for these products via their update mechanism.

In October 2021, I requested the corresponding coreboot source code for the MX84 from open-source@meraki.com. Another individual requested the coreboot source code for the MX250 around the same time. We own the devices in quesiton.

To date, Meraki have not provided the source code or provided an explanation as to the delay in providing the source code. The last reply I received was in January, and they have not replied to any of my follow up requests.

As coreboot is GPL licensed software, I wanted to inform the coreboot community that I believe Cisco Meraki are not acting in good faith and are, in my opinion, violating the GPL by not providing the coreboot source code upon request.

Kind regards,
Hal Martin