Why I am not surprised??? ;-)

BCT tool link (I downloaded it): Download the from the Binary Configuration Tool from GitHub below:


I did exactly what documentation for BCT tool says (reading it with okular, using my UEFI dual boot HDD on bare HW: WIN10 64 PRO and Fedora 25 x86_64):

2.2 Linux Install

1. Copy the BCT tar.gz file to a local directory.
    a. For 32-bit versions, choose bct-<current version>.i686.fc22.tar.gz
    b. For 64-bit versions, choose bct-<current version>.x86_64.fc22.tar.gz
2. From the console terminal, navigate to the folder that contains the BCT tar.gz file and issue the following command:
    a. For 32-bit versions, >tar -xvf bct-3.0.2-1-i686.fc22.tar.gz
    b. For 64-bit versions, >tar -xvf bct-3.0.2-1-x86_64.fc22.tar.gz
3. The installation extracts a binary executable, bct, and three folders: help, xrc, and documentation inside a folder named bct.
4. Run the BCT program by issuing:
    >cd bct

Let me see what I am using: 

[user@localhost bct]$ uname -r
[user@localhost bct]$ 

Fedora 22? Even Fedora 23 is already obsolete... My God! :-((

Inline image 1

Anybody else experience this problem? 😬

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