After last week's SMM loader problem on all but the BSP, I noticed another problem in the SMM setup.
The permanent smihandler is currently built as a relocatable module such that coreboot
can place it wherever it thinks it's a good idea. (TSEG is not known at buildtime).
These relocatable modules have an alignment requirement.

It looks however that the code to deal with the alignment requirement is also wrong
and aligns the handler upwards instead of downwards which makes it encroach either an SSE2
FX_SAVE area or an SMM register save state. It's hard to know whether this is easily exploitable.
I would think that a carefully crafted SMM save state on the right AP arbitrary code executing might be possible. On the other hand I noticed last week that launching SMM on APs is broken too so this is likely a lesser problem.

Anyway the fix is in https://review.coreboot.org/c/coreboot/+/63475
(It has a comment indicating what code was causing this problem)
Please review and update your coreboot code!

Kind regards