Am So., 7. Nov. 2021 um 12:29 Uhr schrieb Nico Huber <>:
There's also a general reluctance to expect to support a project with
free software that has shown that it doesn't take the GPL seriously.

General reluctance by whom? I just don't see that, instead I see tons of activity by a very diverse crowd of people (contributing individually or for companies of all sizes).
On the other hand, where's the coreboot fork/branch/variant/you-name-it that improves in "taking the GPL seriously"? Where are its contributors?

(There's Libreboot, but it specifically is not a platform bringup project: They strip coreboot of the things they dislike and then make the rest work as well as possible. More power to them, and if there are means to make these steps easier for them, I'd like to hear about it so we can work on that - we did that in the past. This also means that their relative lack of contributors is not to be held against them as independent development is not their mission.)

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