Sorry, i attached the patch file.

Reading the coreboot_ram file in the build direcory gives you the check if the checksum of the table you build has a correct checksum. i added this functionally about 6 months ago, but found a problem when searching a file image for the $PIR prefix.


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From: Stefan Reinauer <>
Subject: Re: [coreboot] Patch for getpir when using input image file
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 10:38:21 +0100

On 12/27/10 7:45 PM, Marc Bertens wrote:
Signed-off: Marc Bertens <>

There was a problem when using the getpir utility with the coreboot_ram file, basically removed the loop around the search function, in the coreboot_ram image the start $PIR is not on a 16 byte boundary. due to the search already was matching 6 bytes of the start of the table (including the version of the table), this was not necessary any more.  
There was no patch attached

The copy in the coreboot_ram image is not the one the tool should find, usually it should even be compressed and thus not found at all. Instead coreboot_ram will copy a PIR table to ram and that copy is the one the tool is/should be looking for.

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