Hey all,

Well here it is, the last version which was even harder then the 3rd one. or so it seemed anyhow.

I will work on copying these four to the bottom and renaming the labels before sending them off. I'll post the final pcb on this list again,but routing wise, Nothing will change, unless of course someone found a grand mistake.

So really, all input is greatly appreciated :D would be shameful to send this off to get printed, just to find bugs and have another batch made.


On 23-04-12 20:23, Oliver Schinagl wrote:

I've worked on a rotated version and planning to do two other orientations as well, so early feedback is good, so I don't have to redo them again :)

Silk screening isn't 100% right, since I still need to rename them eventually somehow (edit .pcb file directly is probably the easiest way?)

On 04/20/12 14:50, Oliver Schinagl wrote:
Hi list(s),

Here's my second attempt at routing the previously mailed png of my schema.

It was a lot trickier to route then my previous version, but I think it
worked out!

As mentioned, S1 and S2 need to be shorted if U3 is to be omitted. RN1
should be 10k or ideally 100k, as Peter mentioned earlier.

Hopefully there's no obvious mistakes and can start working on
alternative layouts (so it is insert-able in different angles).

DRC Check fails on S1, S2 and U3. It thinks the distance is to shallow.
That said, DRC check passes when I set the copper width/distance to
7mil's instead of the current 8 mils.

I'm planning on having these PCB's manufactured by Seeed studio and
their minimal width is much smaller.

Minimum trace width: 6mil
Minimum trace/vias/pads space : 6mil
Minimum silkscreen width : 4mil
Minimum silkscreen text size : 32mil

I've used a grid size of 10mil and distances of 8 mils, as I didn't want
to rely on the minimum of seed. The silkscreen I positioned using a grid
size of 5 mil's however. Not sure what they mean with a 'minimum
silkscreen text size' however.

Anyhow, feedback greatly appreciated, so I can start working on
alternative layouts :)