A word of warning: Ron seems to have had some problems with the Asus A7M port due to weirdness with the SMBus. Searching for "FIXME" in the LinuxBIOSv1/src/mainboard/asus shows "# FIXME are the SMBUS DIMM locations documented anywhere?"

On 7/24/06, Marco Costa <costa@gamic.com> wrote:
Hi David, Yinghai

First of all, thanks for the feedback.

David Hendricks wrote:
> I'm guessing that you are using an nForce3 board for a socket 754
> processor. The MSI K8N-Neo3 has a CK804 with a 754 pin socket, if that
> helps. I believe there was even someone from MSI at the last LinuxBIOS
> summit, so at least they have a clue :-)

It is good to see that companies are looking into open source solutions now. I think that the consumer pressure is building up.

> On 7/21/06, *yhlu* <yinghailu@gmail.com <mailto:yinghailu@gmail.com>> wrote:
>     It is using NVIDIA nForce3 too.

As I noted on Asus site, it lists it as a NForce4 4x (not full Hypertransport, only 800MHz as far as I understand). Is this not supported, then?

>     YH


Marco Costa

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