Hi. Meanwhile the OpenBIOS (project) people informed me about the complexity of installing OpenBIOS (e.g. it won't work without writing code). Therefore OpenBIOS isn't an option for me anymore.

What do you recommend to use instead if I'd like to replace my current BIOS? Should I install coreinfo and carry on with https://doc.coreboot.org/tutorial/part1.html? Should I use SeaBIOS and is there a tutorial for SeaBIOS, too?



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On 02.11.21 14:49, bernd1-1@web.de wrote:
> Thanks for your reply and preventing me to go any further in the wrong direction.
> I've made it absolutely clear from the very start of the thread (see email
> subject lines) that I'd like to install coreboot with OpenBIOS.

Well, I hope you are sure that you need OpenBIOS. The way I read
your initial message, I interpreted it as somebody has called their
firmware an "open bios", and maybe didn't mean the OpenBIOS project

OpenBIOS is an implementation of a very specific firmware standard
(I think it was called Open Firmware?). It didn't get any attention
within the coreboot community in the last years, FWIW. If you are sure
you need an IEEE 1275-1994 compliant firmware, you can try to build
it manually[1] (it's not hooked up to the coreboot build process).
However, if that page is up-to-date it doesn't seem like you can
easily get it to run outside an emulator. Which again makes me believe
that it's not what you actually want.

> With the link https://doc.coreboot.org/tutorial/part1.html I've obviously been
> led in the wrong direction.

No, it's still a very valuable lesson. If you want to build your own
firmware based on coreboot, no matter the payload, you should start
with such experiments.


[1] https://www.openfirmware.info/OpenBIOS
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