What about the ACPI tables. Whether the Linuxbios support ACPI?


Andrew Ip wrote:

When I was reading a document about the APM, it is mentioned that we
need to have BIOS support to have APM on the machine. Also it is
mentioned that if the BIOS is not properly supported it will lead the
APM to crash the system.
So I want to know about APM support in the case of LINUXBIOS.
Can any one help me out?
It is not supported.

Also yesterday I have downloaded the latest code of the Linuxbios. Still
now I was working with old source base from sourceforge.net. After
compiling with the new code, I found some new file like c_start.s and
what I have to do with these file?
I think your code is pretty old.  These files are required.  You also 
probably need to regenerate your build directory to reflect the new