1. you missed microcode_rev_c.h, microcode_rev_d.h, microcode_rev_e.h

2. you didn't use my latest that seperate model_fxx_update_microcode.c from model_fxx_init.c

do you need me  do that for you?


On 11/22/05, ron minnich <> wrote:

On 11/22/05, Li-Ta Lo < > wrote:

Did you actually committed it? From the web page, the latest patch level
is 2091 which is the FSF address. SVN update shows the same thing.

my mistake, and thanks, ollie. It is now commited.

Does this include the apid id stuff as well? AFIAK we need at least
a function in that patch to compile Tyan boards.

this is purely the microcode patch.



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