Hello Alex,

It is awhile... Opportunity just did struck (suddenly/plotzlich), so I am back!

While lurking around in Coreboot, trying to solve some "Mystery of digital Orga.ni.sms", I ran into very interesting file:

Coreboot tree I am using: [zoran@localhost coreboot-09.06.2016]$ git describe<CR>

Maybe, it is worth looking into it. You tell us?


On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 10:28 AM, Alexander Böcken <Alexander.Boecken@junger-audio.com> wrote:
Hello Zoran,

again, thanks for your clues to this problem. I don't think post code 0x52 is about memory configuration. The post code appears when I call TempRamInit which is supposed to enable Cache-as-RAM. Real memory is initialized at a later call to FspMemoryInit. coreboot supplies the location of the microcode and a cachable region to TempRamInit. Additionally, there are some settings that can be applied to the FSP image with Intel's Binary Configuration Tool. I don't know if these are used during TempRamInit, but I'll try and fiddle around with them.

I agree, it would be helpful to have a list of post codes that can be output by FSP. Otherwise it's all speculation as what is wrong.