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My C720 normally boots via SeaBIOS a FreeBSD operating system and there
are no such tools gbb_utility and flashrom. Is there any image which could
be copied with dd(1) onto an USB stick to boot from and have such

you can either:
1) use my Firmware Utility Script as noted before (website w/full instructions is now up), which will download flashrom, cbfstool, gbb_utility as needed, or
2) boot ChromiumOS, one of Arnold the Bat's builds would work fine

Another question related to this: One of my C720 (I have two) from one
day to another does not do any beep with the pc-speaker, all other sound
is working fine. I asked in the FreeBSD mailing lists and one of the
hints was to check the BIOS configuration. I do not see any screens for this in
SeaBIOS, only one to select the boot device number if there are two
devices visible, the SSD and another USB device. Is there something I
could check or modify in the SeaBIOS?

coreboot/SeaBIOS do not have any user-accessible settings like a traditional PC BIOS/UEFI setup.  Furthermore, since you're running the same (stock?) firmware, any settings related to the onboard sound would be identical.  I suspect the difference is either hardware or OS related



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