I have a 386 - 233Mhz computer.  The EEprom bios chip is an AT28c010 (1MB eeprom from Atmel)  I would like to install LinuxBios on this machine but I can't seem to find any real good documentation on how to go about configuring and compiling the bios to work for a machine like this.  I have figured out how to compile a random motherboard using buildtarget but i don't know exactly where the binary file ends up or how to make it work on a intel 386 or Xbox or whatever i decide to use it.  I am a Electronic Engineer but i am having a hard time figuring out how the LinuxBios can be configured properly.  Can anyone help me to find good documentation on configure files and what each program is used for in the LinuxBios directory like for example buildtarget, and in the fallback directory buildrom, linuxbios etc.   ?

Thank You so much for your time. 

I am very interested in being able to use LinuxBios and will work like nuts to get up to speed in the development of it.  I promise !!!!

Who ever have been working on LinuxBois to get it where this far you Rock !