The coreboot tool chain builder appears to have downloaded three different versions of acpica-unix2, which is apparently the provider of IASL. According to this:

It requires Bison 2.4.1 or greater. Was this a recent change to the tool chain build script? I haven't had any trouble until just now.

On 10/12/21 10:56 pm, Keith Emery wrote:
Am I correct in my understanding that bison is complaining about some component of the tool chain?

I don't remember using any different versions.

On 10/12/21 10:20 pm, Nico Huber wrote:
Hi Keith,

On 10.12.21 09:28, Keith Emery wrote:
So I set out to repeat the experiment on my local computer. Only to find
that the current master branch of Coreboot fails to build the tool
chain. I was following the tutorial to the letter, but received the

[redacted]/src/coreboot/util/genbuild_h/ 59: -v: not found
that's a known cosmetic issue. Calling `` at that time
seems spurious. I guess, you can ignore it.

The tool-chain then failed to build IASL:

Building IASL v20210331 for host ... failed. Check 'build-IASL/build.log'.
make[1]: *** [Makefile:23: build_iasl] Error 1
make: *** [util/crossgcc/ crossgcc-i386] Error 2

I checked the log, which states:

cp: cannot stat 'iasl': No such file or directory
That looks like a later error only shown because the script goes on even
when the build failed. The actual error might be earlier in the log. If
in doubt, please attach the whole file.


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