Would an Ivybridge CPU even be expected to work with RDIMMs? Was this something anticipated when native raminit was written?


On Mon, Sep 6, 2021 at 6:00 PM Michał Żygowski <michal.zygowski@3mdeb.com> wrote:
Hi Matthew,

On 8/31/21 11:46 PM, Matt B wrote:
> Hello Patrick,
> Thank you very much for your reply!
> From subsequent investigation it appears that the ECC lines of the 7010
> SFF are indeed connected and Xeon CPUs can be made to work under the
> stock BIOS (and presumably under coreboot).
> A minor side question I have: does the chipset on intel ivybridge
> platforms play a role in ECC support? It appears to me that the only
> components involved are the CPU, RAM DIMMs, and BIOS.

I have some good news for you.
1) I can assure that ECC lines are connected between CPU and DIMMs on
7010/9010 DT schematics
2) I have successfully launched my OptiPlex 9010 SFF with a Xeon E3-1275
v2 and 4x 4GB UDIMMs non-ECC.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to launch the machine with ECC RDIMMs
due to I/O latency overflow in the native raminit. Probably it will only
work  with unregistered DIMMs (which I will probably try soon) because
registers on the DIMMs introduce higher latency. Maybe Patrick can shed
some light on this raminit matter?

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