On Sat, 2 Aug 2003 17:28:33 +0200, Thomas Wehrspann wrote:
>Am Montag, 28. Juli 2003 16:57 schrieb ron minnich:
>>On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Andrew Ip wrote:
>>>>yes, this is the reason we have not frozen the tree. I am hoping
>>>>somebody can fix the K7sem :-(
>>>Could it be the ecc problem?
>>I think so. Is there a reasonable fix?
>With the following patch the k7sem can boot with the current CVS.
>But I don't know if it breaks anything else, or if it's important.
>diff -ur freebios.orig/src/cpu/k7/cpufixup.c freebios/src/cpu/k7/cpufixup.c
>--- freebios.orig/src/cpu/k7/cpufixup.c Sat Aug  2 15:53:01 2003
>+++ freebios/src/cpu/k7/cpufixup.c      Sat Aug  2 15:45:25 2003
>@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@
>rdmsr(SYSCFG_MSR, lo, hi);
>printk_spew("SYSCFG was 0x%x:0x%x\n", hi, lo);
>lo |= SYSCFG_MSR_MtrrVarDramEn;
>-       lo |= SYSCFG_MSR_SysEccEn;
>+       //lo |= SYSCFG_MSR_SysEccEn;
>wrmsr(SYSCFG_MSR, lo, hi);
>rdmsr(SYSCFG_MSR, lo, hi);
>printk_spew("SYSCFG IS NOW 0x%x:0x%x\n", hi, lo);
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Hi there,
   Thankyou for the patch, just about to apply it, but realised i don't know what to apply it to.  I'm not familiar with how you guys name the freebios tree.  Ie on the first line it refers to freebios.orig/src/cpu/k7/ then freebios/src/cpu/k7 - do i need two copies of the freebios source tree? (one CVS-downloaded tree left "untouched" and one copy of that tree with the patch applied.  Perhaps it would be worth a little documentation on this subject?  Also, i'm planning to compile on the 2.4.7 Kernel (as per the K7SEM howto),  Is there now a more preferred kernel version?  And finally, what distro of linux do you guys use for your compilation?  I tried Suse 8.1, but that failed.  Now i'm unsing an aged Redhat 7.2.  Can i use the new Suse 8.2 instead.  Thought id ask first rather than try it only to fail.....again :-)
Cheers and thanks again for your patients (and support for the K7SEM)
Alex Scarbro, linuxbios@techfreakz.net on 09/08/2003