I did find a pdf that was somewhat interesting:


it basically mentions/confirms it's an SPI/serial based 32Mb flash, dunno if that can help me find a pin-compatible chip :S

On 18-08-11 17:12, Oliver Schinagl wrote:
Hey list,

I want (in the far? future) play with coreboot on my new board, an Asus M5A97 (900 series amd chipset) thing. Having it not even build into my case yet, I was wondering if you guys know what a compatible flash chip is. I have an 8 legged little socketable chip on here, with the following markings:


So far I found the best results from google with the MX25L3206EPI labeling but the few links I got where mostly in chinese and the datasheet links where the 'pay' kind.

Any pointers what I can ask for when I go to my local hardware store so I can order 3 or 4? Shouldn't be too expensive right? Anything in NL/BE/DE I suppose would work best :)