Good morning from France!

I've been tinkering with computers for years, and got some (basic, yet useful) skills. Recently, reading about the BIOS/EFI/UEFI standard, I discovered CoreBoot. I tried and succeeded in compiling and using CoreBoot on a QEmu virtual machine.
But now, I want to go deeper again, and install it on a real machine. The computer I selected is an old laptop from 2005, a HP ze4111s (single-core 1.6Ghz 32-bit Intel Celeron, 512 Mb DDR RAM, ATI Radeon GPU, enough to run Raspbian OS Buster). The BIOS is password protected, but I am on my way to unlock it.
I read the article "CoreBoot porting guide". I understood it. But I still need some help, and even if I do things right, I have no way to check it. And if I did wrong, I want to know it before making my computer irreversibly crashed.
So where can I find help to go through the steps and check if everything is right? To teach me, in fact. Forums and tutorials are sometimes difficult to understand, unclear and/or unusable with other machines than te example one.
The computer I talk about is not my only one, I'm not this much crazy.


Patrick Charon

P.-S.: this address is my "professional" address; my personal address often goes to spam. But if you answer, please use this personal address!