Well, I also made a linuxbios port for epia-m and ADLO and bochs bios patch which can run original vgabios of epia-m (Adam helped me a lot).  So I can see vga text console and also I can run XFree86 or what so ever. And also my collegue made a framebuffer driver. However, because of NDA, I'm afraid I can't share it with you for now. (I don't know anything about specific details of NDA, but my boss told me to do so until our project is done).

However, as for ADLO, I think If you have the CLE266 programming guide, you can do it by implementing bios APIs of chapter 7 onto bochs bios code and slight modification of loader.s of ADLO.

BTW, Andrew I have a question to you how you can release code. You may need via documents which require NDA. Is VIA approved or sponsoring you?


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> Adam,
> > Sounds like great news. Now if I only had an EPIA-M board :-P
> > FYI: people have gotten VGA and ADLO (fully working; with
> VGA!) to work
> > successfully under EPIA-M. It seems there may be some NDA's
> issues to it
> > may be few months before they can contribute back.
> Is it?  I would like to try it first.
> -Andrew
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