Hi all,

I'm currently running Libreboot 20150518 on ThinkPad X200, but I'd like to switch to Coreboot (the newest stable version, 4.4). The reason is that Libreboot seems to provide only one configuration and its build system seems difficult to understand in comparison to Coreboot.

I'd like to use SeaBIOS (as opposed to Libreboot's GRUB) as payload - I also would like to have coreinfo, memtest and nvramcui so that it all provides kind of BIOS-like menu.

Is that possible using native graphics initialization without vgabios? There are some recent references that it's possible.

I'm asking because, although I have flashing equipment (I've flashed my X200 myself), the flashing took a lot of time, because of too long wires, interferences from PSU etc. I don't want to be forced to flash it again, so I want to be absolutely sure before I switch.