Is a lack of C bootblock support common to all family 15h platforms? (Including the G505s and any others?)
In other words, would it only need to be implemented once for all of these systems?

    -Matthew Bradley

On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 11:50 AM Kyösti Mälkki <> wrote:

The decisions are out on 4.11 release requirements. Unless anyone acts
on it, amdfam10-15 boards will hit deprecation due to:

To smooth down the path, should anyone want to attempt on fixing
these, I have pushed a patchset [1] that removes S3 suspend support
from said platform. Depending of what the response is, I hope to have
that submitted already before 4.11 release.

The latest info [2] I have is asus/kcma-d8 not working and
asus/kgpe-d16 working in 4.6 but very slowly, for S3 resume boot, that
is. No resume logs have been brought to my knowledge for 12 months. I
also had some suspicions that tests results were mistakenly from
suspend-to-disk (S4).

Affected boards are asus/kcma-d8 and asus/kgpe-d16.


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