Don't know how to recover SPD from UEFI but Try to read memory part number written on chip and provide that. Look for SPD file with that name if it's already present in coreboot.

Naresh solanki

On Mon, 16 Nov, 2020, 11:46 pm Matt DeVillier, <> wrote:
> src/soc/intel/cannonlake/romstage/fsp_params.c/mainboard_memory_init_params called

means your board isn't overriding mainboard_memory_init_params() -- so all the defaults are being used, which I'm not sure will result in a bootable device. You might want to look at the CML/CFL reference boards, or system76/lemp9 to see how they are set up and then adapt for your board. You'll definitely need to load the SPD somehow for a memory-down config, though I'm not sure how to best obtain it from the stock firmware

On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 11:36 AM Andy Pont <> wrote:

I have some life out of my Comet Lake based board but the debug output
ends with

FMAP: area RW_MRC_CACHE found @ 420000 (65536 bytes)
MRC: no data in 'RW_MRC_CACHE'
PRMRR disabled by config.
FspMemoryInit returned 0x80000007
FspMemoryInit returned an error!

The board has all of the memory soldered directly down.  The spd.bin
file in the build directory is 0 bytes.  Is there a way to extract the
correct SPD information from either the original UEFI firmware or from a
running Linux system?

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