Necromancing this thread.

There seems to be a bit of frustration regarding the noise caused by some recent patch sets. A quick look at the January mailing list archive shows how messy things are at the moment.

In the beginning it seemed like most people preferred to rely on e-mail filters to filter out excessive noise. But due to recent comments, I'm curious if it's worth re-visiting some ideas we discussed earlier about frequency and style of patch update notifications:
- Should we continue to have gerrit send e-mails for every patch iteration?
- Can we remove the hash from the "Patch set updated" e-mails so they appear in a single thread?
- Is there a way to make gerrit *not* send update notifications if no actual code changes were made, for example if the patch was inserted into a series or if the commit message was changed?
- Can we make Jenkins send less verbose messages to the IRC channel so that it sends out one (instead of two) brief messages indicating a patch's success or failure?

Any other thoughts?

David Hendricks (dhendrix)
Systems Software Engineer, Google Inc.