Season's greetings to everyone! :-)

I've been able to get my Asus KGPE-D16 running with coreboot 4.6 and Qubes 4 and I'm pleased to report it has been nice and stable over the holiday period, save for a few minor issues.

Suspend works fine on a fresh install of Qubes 4, however applying the latest updates then stops this from working. (It goes in to suspend but does not resume properly). I'm assuming this is now a Qubes issue.

My Intel Optane 900p NVME drive does not work reliably with Qubes 4. It initially appears fine but anywhere between 4-12 hours after boot the system will panic and switch to a read-only file system - you can't run any commands without an "Input/Output Error" even in Dom 0. The only course of action when this is encountered appears to be a hard reset. Unsurprisingly, getting any kind of logs about what is actually happening has proven fruitless so far :-(

I have therefore switched to a normal SATA drive for the last week and this has been nice and stable. I suspect my best course of action to get a higher performing filesystem is to move to 4 SATA SSDs in RAID 10. If anyone has any other suggestions to get faster drive access with this platform (particularly good random read/write performance for using lots of concurrent VMs in Qubes) or possible approaches to fix my NVME drive issue, they would be much appreciated.

My only other minor issue at the moment is lack of fan control. If I run "sudo pwmconfig" in dom0 I get the message "There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed". I suspect I need to enable some additional modules, so if anyone can provide me some explicit directions on how to do this, it would again be much appreciated.

Kind regards,