Hello Mayuri,

Some of us (at least me) know that INTEL USB 3.0 implementations have here and there mortal problems for years, as well as in CORE, also in ATOM families. There are lists of problems, but most of them are closed Intellectual Properties, INTEL Inside.

I had yesterday terrible problem to set CANON PIXMA MG3650 home printer edition I bought in Saturn to pair over USB with my mobile i5-4300 INTEL Inside HSW laptop (CPUID 0x40561), so I needed 4 hours to investigate and find the interim solution for INTEL buggy embedded USB 3.0 root port (it is consumers' QA issue with INTEL design, so INTEL should take care of this, my best guess)... :-((

In this lieu I will advise you the two way approach.

One is to contact/to engage with your INTEL FAE/representative, and ask him about the problems which are well described in internal INTEL documents (BYT wise).

The other approach is to work out these problems yourself. So, there are several facts about the USB 3.0.

There are (my best guess) some BYT USB fixes done by other people in Coreboot. I'll let these people to speak for themselves. If? You can also try to bring some Linux distros (Fedora for example) and try to see what is going on while you bring up the system (dmesg log). Also you can do the following commands: 
       lsusb -v
       lsusb -t

At least, you can do lsusb --h to see options which can help you to start debugging this issue.


On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 11:23 AM, Mayuri Tendulkar <mayuri.tendulkar@aricent.com> wrote:



I am facing issue in enumerating USB3.0 device on baytrail processor with coreboot with seabios.


Is there any setting in coreboot where we need to enable this separately.




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